About Us

Our Vision

We have a vision to be: “The foremost innovative culinary apparel design and manufacturer in the world”. Providing comfortable, on-trend, and superior culinary apparel solutions to people who are passionate about cooking around the world. Be the leading culinary apparel provider by offering the greatest value, customer service, cultivating exemplary employee dexterity, and realising steady and foreseeable growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SigmaChef is committed to its social duties, exercising zero tolerance regarding human resource exploitation both within the organisation and its suppliers and concomitant stakeholders.

SigmaChefs Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy embraces a high regard for the community it operates in. The Organisation is conscious of its impact on the environment and continuous improvement initiatives are deep-rooted in our culture endlessly improving our green existence is a fundamental part of the business’s balanced scorecard. To this end SigmaChef is working towards a

Closed Loop Circle

SigmaChef carries out its business dealings with humility, honesty and integrity

Rather than increasing textile waste in landfills and natural resource depletion for which we all pay high human and environmental costs for our clothes. After being used, those recycled fibres are used again, and again, until finally turning into biodegradable waste and dissolving back into nature.

Our Goals

To offer high value, superior customer-focused product and service innovation that exceeds the aesthetic and functional needs and wants of our customer. To guarantee our organisational culture transmutes into technical proficiency in our operating ideology and the service that is required in a hypercompetitive global environment.

Where kitchen apparel steps up to meet your cooking expertise.

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